Andy Burnham’s a nice lad ‘n all that but he needs to get back to us about the Rock Squad


We wrote to the front burner last year asking if he’d drop a line to the Geological Society on behalf of the people of the old Lancashire coal mining areas currently facing a good fracking. Unsurprisingly folk in Wigan (his constituency), Salford, Warrington (I could go on) are concerned that some complete lunatics want to regularly conduct huge rock shattering depleted Uranium tipped explosions right underneath ancient coal mine workings that riddle the whole region. Andy Burnham, to his credit, got back to us and confirmed that he had done as we had requested and written to the venerable Society of Jurassic junkies…since then…nada…even with a Secretary chase up…it all went as quiet as a Bickerstaffe pit shaft……

Of course it’s possible that the Rock Squad are in the middle of some form of Flintstones Fest going back to back through movie and TV series episodes or perhaps there’s something geological afoot. Perhaps the 3,800,000 UKippers have popped over to our East coast, powered up outboard motors, the British Isles is currently being propelled away from Europe and the Geologists are keeping their heads down about such crazy quasi tectonic oddness? Who knows but its mighty disturbing that we still don’t know in the North West if there are soon to be a prophesised 4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Andy will most likely win the Labour leadership, he’s a hottie, but he needs to get his priorities right and remember the folk whose interests he should hold dearest to his heart otherwise how can he ever be trusted to have the entire nations interests at heart if he couldn’t even manage that for his own back yard, his own people.

We don’t even fish with dynamite around our parts due to the possibility of a mine subsidence, we take our kids to Pennington and Wigan flashes for weekends out permanently reminding us that HUGE mine subsidences CAN happen in our area, find out please Mr Burnham whether there is any possibility that as a direct or indirect result of fracking any form of mine workings subsidence will occur.

Part of the Geological Societies mission statement is to expedite an auspicious customer liasonship in order to become a market leader in bollocks..oh, no it’s not, I zoned out into the average corporate mission statement there, no, the Rock Squad’s raison d’etre is “facilitating the communication of new facts and ascertaining what is known in their science” so please Mr B, tell these people to come out from whatever rock they’re hiding under and to ascertain whether using some of the most powerful explosions known to man under our homes could lead to getting a new cellar.

Ta lad

Author: Smokin’ Joe Brotherton

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MancunianSpring declares for Tina Louise in Tatton


With all the validity of Dave saying that fracking will give us cheaper gas the team at MancunianSpring have come out for Tina Louise of the Green Party who is running against George Osborne in his Tatton Cheshire constituency.

The selection was unanimous for multiple reasons.

Firstly, Tina Louise is one of the most altruistic and beautiful human beings you could ever wish to meet. She does things for the right reasons and contends that she doesn’t want to be part of the system..she wants to change the system. There’s no doubt that even if she got to Westminster she’d be campaigning to have herself put out of a job and a more socially just system replacing the one that she’d been voted into. Not only is she a fine orator she matches the talking with walking having been a frontline activist in the fight against fracking for many years and that alone would be a breath of fresh air in this age of stage managed and sterile politicians whose convictions rarely match their actions.

We’re also backing Tina Louise because of the Osborne factor. Readers of this blog will know that we have been particularly vocal in our objection to the Osborne imposition of “Devo Manc” upon the people of Greater Manchester including a Mayor that we don’t want. Short of Mancunians popping over to Knutsford to declare the place as now being administered and run by the Frank Sidebottom statue in Timperley, our backing of Tina Louise is the nearest that we can get to messing with HIS patch.

Finally, for the memory and honour of the brave battlers of Barton Moss, Salford who stood firm against Osborne’s vision of a fracking hell for the Salford & Manchester Mosses. We wouldn’t go away then and we won’t be going away any time good luck and positivity Tina Louise in Tatton


The team @MancunianSpring

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The fracking Elephant in the #GE2015 room will crush your property value


It’s FINALLY been figured out that folk don’t really fancy living with a frackpad cranking away at the bottom of their garden 24/7. It’s basic common sense that property prices in frackfields will collapse with balancing price increases on the safe periphery of said frackfields, even more so in the compact housing market of the UK where an equally desirable million pound property can be found just 30 miles away from a place where a poor besieged vendor is having to declare that the frackers have just rocked up. The vendor will also have to explain to his prospective purchaser that due to the passing of the Infrastructure Bill in January an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle. The government now has a legal right to frack right under your property, dispose of what it wants into the workings under your property, with you having no legal recourse to object whatsoever. Who in their right mind would take a life shaping million pound punt on something like that?

FINALLY the nations Estate Agents are figuring this out. The prestigious and well read Mortgage Finance Gazette has just headlined that “Fracking Will Hit House Values” having FINALLY surveyed Estate Agents in the frackfields…some property marketers state house value crashes of up to 70% and they hardly even touched upon the blighted people who will simply NOT be able to sell their property until the frackers go in 15/20 years and that’s IF the place isn’t a toxic wasteland with an enormous clean up bill dumped on the locals.

The market never lies.

If given a choice of a million pound dream home in the idyllic Lancastrian countryside are you going to live in North West Lancashire in the fresh air stream of the Cumbrian mountains or 25 miles South in the Fylde that’s littered with a fouling toxic industry that’s banned for being highly hazardous to human health in multiple legislatures, that will fill the quiet country lanes with chemical dripping HGV’s, cause seismic events, poison groundwater and generally not look very nice. Put it really simply, would you move your Children and family into a house built in an industrial estate?

How those like Dave, so all out for shale or like Ed, thinking that the poisonous nonsense can be regulated didn’t see the inevitable affects on house prices is astonishing especially in a land so rampantly obsessed with location location location but then again, we know that they did know don’t we.

Rewind to the laughably redacted DEFRA report into the impacts of fracking in the UK…

…the parts that they redacted like a kid let loose with a can of Coke and a black crayon were later said to have been CENSORED so as not to instantly shut down all further “debate” regarding fracking in the UK (not that there was any debate). What would provoke such a car crash response to the further debate and promotion of fracking to the average Englishman? A legally enforceable collapse in property value with no recourse whatsoever would do that so it was probably best not to stress the poor little loves about it.

If you still feel that you’re not having the wool pulled over your eyes consider just two things.

Mortgage Finance Gazette… “The Department for Energy and Climate Change is expected to auction off licence blocks to fracking firms over an area covering more than half of Britain just after the general election”…these PEDL license blocks were due to be auctioned before the election but were put back much to the laughter of the anti fracking community. One has to assume that the round was put back so as not to alarm the natives, which leads to point two.

Regardless of your opinion on whether fracking should proceed or not there can’t be any doubt that the process is highly contentious. Full scale fracking will also be nation changing for huge swathes of our land mass and perhaps most pertinently, fracking will have major consequences upon millions of English families in huge scale property value fluctuations and life changing sales disruptions. Yet fracking has barely featured in the general election #GE2015 discourse. A policy that may affect a percentage of child benefit is endlessly chewed over by the parties and main stream media whilst a policy that could wipe countless thousands if not millions from people’s property values barely gets a mention.

The reason that fracking just isn’t being talked about on a national basis by the Lib/Lab/Con UKIP establishment parties is because the process has been so thoroughly discredited on so many different levels that they know that they can’t defend the indefensible or sell a bag o shyte. You can tell just as much by what these people will talk about as by what they steer well clear of like a public space or a leader debate and they’re not talking about fracking because they know that only 19% of DEFRA poll respondents would even consider living next to a frackpad and that was before this confirmation that fracking will hammer your house value. They will definitely not want to talk about that and the proof of that pudding now has an election build up of fracking silence to clearly demonstrate it.

There’s still time to make these people accountable for their gross and intolerable decisions or at least be forced to discuss their justification for entering millions of English folk into some sickening form of post code frackfield lottery. The good people of Scotland showed us that with social media power and a awful lot of grassroots organisation, that a people can get an issue such as Trident onto the election agenda whereas it probably wouldn’t have even featured.

We’ve got just a handful of days to ask #WhereTheFrack because you can guarantee one thing. After the election every single fracking party will claim that they now have a mandate from the British people to frack and it’ll be time for you to go eyes down and look in for the great UK PEDL bingo lottery.

Author: Smokin’ Joe Brotherton

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MancunianSpring recommends a vote for any anti austerity/anti fracking party such as the Green Party, SNP, Plaid, Northern Party, Yorkshire First, North East Party, TUSC, Left Unity, Reality Party and all anti fracking Independents

🙂 Peace

Bentley on Mersey…where fracking ends in England?



Like a beautiful, blessed, but somewhat unruly child an anti extreme energy camp has just this second sprung into life in the most surreal place that the disgusting foul frackweirdos could have ever possibly dreamed of padding up…its at Woolston Eyes on the banks of the River Mersey right on the border between Warrington and Salford just yards away from Chris Packhams favourite SSSI Nature Reserve at?..yep, thats right…Woolston Eyes?!?, OK, so right now you’re saying WTF?!? ..get used to it baby..this is fracking..they frack exactly where they fracking want, “nature reserve”?!? frack off, who gives a duck? “pretty little birds”?!? frack them, they’re getting fracked, “Otters just returned to the water there”?!? screw those furry little frackers..they will quite literally frack anywhere…here’s the proof…they’ve opened up right next to Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve?!?

Some wholly detached freak in a suit somewhere has decided to extreme mine 2 miles down the road from Salford where iGas essentially got humiliated and drummed out of town just a year ago…pitching up next to Warrington who not only gave Salfordians unbelievably solid support at Barton Moss but who you also seriously wouldn’t want to frack with…next to the majestic River Mersey who most Scousers would want their ashes scattered into…yeah…thats exactly where I’d set up an extreme energy site just before an election where #fracking has been mentioned less than #janner and #csa

This is quite obviously going to get interesting…for further developments follow the Black Necked Grebe, one of the rare delights at #SaveWoolstonEyes <<<< can you believe this shit?!?

26th April

Popped down to the site and visited with some truly inspirational folk and properly met a former face across a Barton Moss convoy who turned out to be a year below me in my school in an obscure London overflow town that was like South Central LA without the shooters. Discovering this lead to a torrent of GTFO’s from me but I shouldn’t have been surprised, the first lad that I met at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp was born in the same hospital as me on the Isle of Wight?!? If I was on the Druid juice I’d be starting to think about guardian angels arriving on my Mosslands…everyone down at Woolston is a true guardian angel though.

So what looks like early preparations for a drill pad butts up against and borders The Mersey Way?!? Can you believe that? Imagine hiking along The Pennine Way and having to choke your way through a haze of Radon and drillpad emissions, flare stacks and roaring HGV engines. Imagine legging it all the way along The Mersey Way from Liverpool and your journey ends at a frackpad? There’s a family pub 200 yards away from the site with an outdoor kiddies play area?!? You seriously have to question what is wrong with these people who place such inherently dangerous and proven unhealthy operations in the heart of our communities and recovering environments.

The spot is a nature treasure as well, even though its under the permanently roaring M6. This bit of the old Mersey is the very first stretch after it departs the mighty Manchester Ship Canal. Its isolated, cut off almost and chock full of nest building Great Crested Grebes displaying to each other in full Summer plummage, hordes of Tufted Ducks and most importantly..recently returned Otters..this is what I mean by recovering environment.

To think that they’re even considering an extreme energy operation in such an area shows these people up for the wrong headed ecocidal maniacs that they are.

It was a gloriously sunny Spring day and some sweet video footage was taken which will be uploaded tomorrow………..


27th April
Woolston Eyes is at a point close to many Lancastrians/Northern folks hearts. Its where the graceful slopes of the West Pennines first come into view on the M6 Northbound. The first point where you 100% know that you’re in the North….

The watery sight of Woolston Eyes may well also be a familiar sight to Northland travellers as the unusual slithers of surprise wetland seem suspended in mid air above the Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal….


The iGas/Peel workings themselves are what looks like a standard set of bunds…

And turning directly around from that shot is the old Mersey herself…

Its an absolutely gorgeous spot flush full of wildlife. Just in a half hour stroll/filming session we recorded multiple wild fowl species including Garganey, a nest building pair of Great Crested Grebes and a whole host of chicks…

In the following film clip you’ll notice a footpath. Thats the Mersey Way. Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve is just along the Mersey up and above the fierce bank in view…


The beautiful altruistic and truly heroic folk on site are an inspirational set of characters, old friends from our huge victory at Barton Moss and new friends from struggles further afield. The ethos of the camp is to “do as you want” with a strong emphasis on “if you see a job, do it” but perhaps more importantly they want to put fracking on the #GE2015 agenda where so far its been completely missing.

They request the sacrifice of your finger skin cells alone in getting the word of #SaveWoolstonEyes out there….

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Manchesters’ new SuperHero Referendum Man declares “DevoManc” a “bag o’shyte”

As the BBC turgidly and unquestioningly announced that Lord Smith and Tony Lloyd are now officially “in-line” for the new Greater Manchester Mayor job that has been dreamed up by the “DevoManc” crew of Gideon and chums, Manchesters’ new super-hero REFERENDUM MAN, a super-hero of mystery and powers beyond the capabilities of todays Neo-liberal identikit politicians has flown into town to declare DevoManc a “bag o’shyte”

Referendum Man, who is believed to have the catch-phrase “To A Referendum…And Beyond” branded Gideons’ so-called “Northern Powerhouse” the #NorthernShytehouse on a recent flying visit around the city

Shoppers could be heard saying “is it a bird ? is it a plane ? NO! it’s Referendum Man, purveyor of social justice for all of Mancs AND Lancs!”

Referendum Man, the all-seeing eye of the all new Manchester pro-democracy movement spies trouble at t’mill for “DevoManc” Crew and local betting firm BetPete are having 50-1 on this culminating in Lloyd and Smith getting in the ring for the rights to the “top job” and 100-1 on Referendum Man and Gideon having a cocaine-fuelled brawl in the streets of Knutsford,

Read all about it in the Salford Star

Author: Sir Richards Leash


MEN: “DevoManc” are the cracks already starting to show ?

MEN: Smith offers Lloyd out in the car park

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The North Regains Its’ Soul

Political commentators are declaring that the North has regained its’ soul with the formation of the Campaign For The North and the brand new political party, the Northern Party

Many Northerners, like the Scots, have arrived at the conclusion that the association between Westminster and the North is like a somewhat abusive relationship – Westminster has behaved like a bad partner, it has been a one way relationship with Westminster looking like a dodgy, money stealing, on the take, bad boyfriend that some might say needs its ass kicking to the kerb!

It is fair to say The North, in general, has suffered exploitation of our labour, and our Labour Party, but we have a spirit that says “don’t let the b*stards get you down”

The North has rich cultural and heritage foundations, our scientists, our entrepreneurs, our dockers, the Angel of the North, our football teams, sense of humour and famous actors

Our musical CV is rich, in the 1950’s and 1960’s The North rocked the music world with Merseybeat and The Beatles, then we followed that up with Northern Soul and disco

In the 1980’s/90’s a group of Salfordian and Mancunian musicians, dj’s and entrepreneurs turned Manchester into the place to be for ravers and giggers, and the Lancashire Raves in the old mills and dis-used warehouses of the Blackburn area became culturally iconic

At a time when people seem to be tired of the same old Conservative/Liberal/Labour parties – only 7 million people tuned into the leaders’ debates, even with the new and exciting female politicians Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Natalie Bennett (Green Party) and Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) – a fresh and new political party could rock the boat

The Northern Party is not about furthering the North/South divide it is about empowering the North so there is an even playing field

Northerners are the can do people, our character is resilient and resourceful, and now we have our own political party to represent our interests


Campaign For The North

Northern Party

The Citations – Keep The Faith

The Lancashire Hotpots – We Love The North

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An autonomous North England takes a huge step forward


A seismic shift in Northern politics is taking place and fast gaining momentum with the formation of the brand new Northern Party. The party has been formed by folk from across the political spectrum which is probably the best reflection that the old politics just isn’t working for the North and the party will be trying to rectify this by pushing for autonomy for the region including a complete reboot of democratic systems.

There’s a saying that you either do politics or you have politics done to you and it would appear that many people in the North are over having politics done to them. The most pertinent example of this is fracking with vast swathes of the trans Pennine Bowland shale formation due to be turned into a toxic frackfield with no mandate from the people whatsoever and in most cases completely against their will. The Northern Party’s policy on fracking is that it should only proceed if the people of the North want it to. This only sounds eminently simplistic and obvious because of the huge democratic deficit that people currently suffer under and is the perfect example of why there is a demand for such decisions to be taken locally rather than have a cabal of oil and gas industry captured politicians impose an “ultrahazardous” industry upon the North from a thoroughly detached Westminster even though we have Doctors screaming out for the “inherently risky” process to be banned.

This isn’t the only ongoing example of such an appalling lack of democracy bordering on totalitarianism. In November of last year Chancellor George Osborne flounced into town to inform the people of Greater Manchester that we are going to have a Mayor imposed upon us even though we decisively voted against having a Mayor in 2012 and that we would have absolutely no say in the matter this time around?!? It didn’t end there. Earlier this year we were subsequently told that the Greater Manchester NHS budget would be devolved as part of the “deal” effectively ending the “national” part of the health service. All of this has been arranged behind closed doors with minimal to no public consultation. This is precisely the kind of situation that the new Northern Party will be fighting to put an end to.

We could spend pages remarking upon the unconscionable and never ending disparities between the North and the South but they are already throughly well documented. The fact that if you happen to be born 300 miles to the South you will most likely live an extra 10 years, experience a much lesser degree of infant mortality and have orders of magnitude more infrastructure spending on your behalf. The fact that we don’t have to repeat these things is thoroughly depressing, the fact that nothing has ever been done about such a morally repugnant state of affairs, more so.

The North is now fighting back and when viewed in the context of a mass political awakening sweeping down from the Scottish highlands it could be time to flush the Xanax down the toilet as the people of the North are finally starting to “do politics”. The Scots have been asked the question regarding the Union and the answer is that it will inevitably be breaking up on the basis of Scottish voter demographics alone with older Unionists dying off every day being replaced by younger advocates of independence. Perhaps more importantly than this almost half of an entire nation who we are supposed to be in partnership and harmony with have openly and forcefully declared that they are sick and tired of the current broken model of Westminster politics…and its not just the Scots that think this.

Both Yorkshire and the North East are currently experiencing a boom in devolution movements. Now Lancashire has finally joined the party and although there will be some who may have concerns over the splitting of Northern devolution votes the most important thing is that the people of the region are now eminently more politically active and will no doubt be bright enough and definitely motivated enough to be able to thrash out a way forward and as Westminster quite literally crumbles into the Thames a new form of politics is already taking its place.

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