The Only Way Is Essex

James Walsh, aka The Mancunian Birder, is currently on tour in Southern England on a European Union & the Environment fact finding mission – the Environment is an issue that needs more mainstream coverage, what are the implications for the Environment if we #Bremain or #Brexit ?

All roads point to Essex at the moment, the quintessential English county, on our EU & the Environment fact-finding mission

I have family in Essex, there is a revolution happening at Wat Tyler Country Park and Respect to the Essex Wildlife Trust on Abberton Reservoir & Fingringhoe Wick

What a day in the South! Nice to see Avocets on the Old Hall Marshes RSPB and a joy to hear Cuckoos, Nightingales, Skylarks & Lesser Whitethroats

Perhaps the bird of the day, Marsh Harrier, and great to walk the famous sea-wall, featured on so many mega alerts! Recent rare bird sightings on the coast include Greenish Warbler and Kentish Plover 

Interesting to hear about the Red-breasted Goose situation, is this species beginning a new UK breeding population ? 

What does all this have to do with the EU vote on 23rd June 2016 ? I think it is fair to say that these conservation organisations, nature reserves and species listed here are about to have their fortunes’ changed on 24th June 2016

Would remaining in the EU, or leaving, be better for the protection of our coastlines and nature reserves, the management & success of our conservation organisations & native species ? How can we properly assess this ? With 18 days until the Peoples’ Vote and Paris flooded can the Environment make it onto the mainstream media as a theme of the EU vote ?


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