Pope confirms fracking is the devils work and that it’s facilitators are evil


Who knew?

Whilst it’s suddenly become “the glorious 12th” when it comes to shooting the messenger you’ve got to take your hat off to Pope Francis. I don’t care that its kinda in the same ball park as Sepp Blatter telling you how to run your local FA, Frankie has so far played a solid innings and he nails it, the further mining of fossil fuels is morally repugnant, eco system trashing and must end now unless we’re hell bent on subjecting countless more people to turmoil and death.

It’s a moral paradigm shifter.

The game is up for the fossil fuel freaks, they can carry on doing what they’re doing but they’ve had whatever thread bare moral rug they had pulled out from under them. The Pope in his encyclical has clearly painted the battle lines between “inspiring Earth protectors” and mindless Planet plunderers so folk now have to decide which camp they’re in, this is why he aimed his canonical canon at the whole World’s populace rather than just his flock.

So that’s both the moral and the fiscal argument against fracking won then. You have to be economically and markets illiterate to invest in the fossil fuel bubble when even Mark Carney of the Bank of England is screaming out that 80% of known fossil fuel reserves have to stay in the ground to avoid climate meltdown. You’d have to show a whole new level of steaming ignorance to back massively expensive energy extraction methods that will take years to implement just when the cost of producing cheap and unlimited renewable energy is coming crashing down and getting ever more efficient and widespread with every passing day.

These fossil fuel flunkys are like shore wandering Neanderthals risking life and limb collecting shellfish on wave battered rocks when all they have to do is wait a while for the inevitable tide to go out.

Talking of species that no longer walk this land Lancashire County Council meet next week to decide whether the sea level areas of the County Palatine should dig up more fossil fuels to contribute to climate meltdown and inexorably rising sea levels.

You really can’t make this shit up. It’s the nearest that you’ll ever get to a Lemming town hall meeting.

Here’s something else that you can’t make up. Officials at the Council have already concluded that having fracking rigs all over the joint won’t have a detrimental effect on tourism to the area. This is most likely because they’ve discovered that families include on their tick list of holiday “must haves”..must have sweeping views of the HGV filled toxic emission belching frackfields or..must have ram jammed traffic jams that include radio active water pissing tankers. There’d be every likelihood that social services would get involved if you started camping with your kids in an industrial estate but officials at Lancashire County Council have conculded that in one of the most competitive tourist markets on the Planet, having a routinely banned and globally controversial process sited on the Fylde won’t adversely affect tourism.

Preston where the Council is seated can be looney tunes though and next week it won’t be just a place that you go through to get somewhere nice (East Lancs author 🙂 )…the World and his Wife would appear to be descending upon the historic City, there’s even a rumour sweeping the hills of the red rose County that the Pope’s going to put in an appearance….

***possible sighting of Pope***

….told you it was looney tunes.

With the collapse of the ecological, fiscal and moral arguments for fracking and it having been generally demonstrated to be really rather shyte and eminently ban worthy we find out next week whether the system is that morally and democratically bankrupt that approval for the abhorrent activity of extreme mining in our communities sails through anyway.

Regardless, Pope Frankie thinks that we’re inspirational and gets the “rich road” that we’ve travelled and that’s really bloody nice of the lad 🙂

See you at Preston Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th

“Ohhhh Francis of Assisi,
He is the fookin Pope,
He is an Argentinian,
He fills us all with hope,
He loves renewables,
Thinks fossil fuels are lame,
And when we stop the frackers,
We’ll sing this song again!!!”

Author: Smokin’ Joe Brotherton

Follow on Twitter @MancunianSpring

#DontFrackLancs #WeAreAllLancashire #FrackStopsHere


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