Barton Moss Protectors – Rise Up Against Fracking

“Everybody Everywhere Rise Up, Arise Like A Lion”

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The “F” word !! Fracking !! Whether you like it or not, mainstream politicians are attempting to foist this sinister industry on the English countryside, without our consent, with no social or moral license, and without our knowledge

However, now, thanks mainly to the efforts of some of the UK’s most hardcore and passionate environmentalists, especially at The Fylde in Lancashire, Balcombe in Sussex and Barton Moss in Salford, this country is finally having some sort of an informal national debate about an industry that is so controversial that it is banned in many countries and regions

Anti-fracking tunes from the likes of Leo Sayer, David Holmes, Yoko Ono and Seize The Day are becoming more and more popular globally, now step forward Salford into the arena, bringing a massive tune with hiphop sensibilities and very informative, truthful lyrics – this tune is serious, turn up the volume, enjoy the bass and the breakbeats and wise up

The Barton Moss Earth Protector Camp started in November 2013 and attracted huge amounts of media attention from all over the world (including Russia Today, Sky News, CNN, German & Australian media, BBC, etc), due to Barton Moss being one of the very first fracking sites in the country, the heady mix of social and environmental issues, the human interest gleaned from an impromptu camp in a field in the Salford winter and also the huge Solidarity Sunday Events, with speakers, musicians, vocalists and poets, and thousands of people showing their support in a carnival/festival atmosphere, that took place at Barton Moss during December, January, February & March 2014

Barton Moss Protectors are a group of heroes who, for several months up to April 2014, were part of the front-line against the vile, criminal and ecocidal fracking industry, and recorded a tune, live and direct from the not so desolate North, a call to all to “Rise Up Against Fracking”

The accompanying video features footage from the front-line at Barton Moss during the winter of 2013/14, that illustrates the conditions the protectors were experiencing every week day, and disturbing scenes such as the sight of people who live near fracking sites lighting their water supply – if you have no idea what fracking is then The Mancunian Spring suggests you watch this and then do some research!

The tune very cleverly starts off with a sample of the voice of Peter Lilley, an MP who has well documented investments in the fossil fuel industry, openly lying about fracking on Channel 4 in a very recent live televised debate with prominent anti-fracking campaigner Vanessa Vine who can, later in the tune, be heard chastising Mr Lilley for lying on national television

Mr Lilley also gets castigated as a liar from the tunes vocalist Peaceful Dan, who then launches into some powerful, hard hitting lyrics, telling it like it really is, combining the urgency/seriousness of the situation (“time doesn’t wait”) with the voice of hope, suggesting a remedy “we need to mobilise communities we need to fight this disease” and looking to future generations “so in the future our children can breathe, laugh, drink water from the streams, I believe”

The opening lyrics set the scene “Every woman every man let’s rise no hesitation, feel the energy”,  “we gotta make a stand we want clean water clean air this is albion, sacred land”

The streetwise nous shines through in remarks like “no fracks a good frack”, “we don’t want your fracking round here so we stand in resistance without fear” and the tune highlights the corruption that the UK government is suggesting of payments of a paltry £100,000 for councils who accept fracking, “So understand we can never sell our future for a hundred grand”

The Protectors give any fracking investors some very sound business tips “Investors you better get another plan this is our earth we aint got another land” and naming names “Lord John Browne, Clegg, Davey and Cameron” the Protectors speak the truth “show us the colour of your belly it’s yellow you stole the power now you’re selling out, now power to the people’s what we bellow out” then highlighting the fact that the fracking industry is operating in the UK with no social license, and that the “resistance is building stronger”

A hiphop banger, this tune doubles up as a public service announcement “This industry is a danger to human health and to the environment it has no social license don’t stand by and watch corporate greed destroy our planet this affects everyone” and talks of the determination and the intelligence of the movement to deal with the fracking industry through the courts and let the facts speak for themselves and the truth speak for itself

Listeners are urged to look into the future “So in a hundred years we look back what did we achieve“ to think about what we are doing now and how it might be looked upon in the future

So, if you don’t think you understand what all the fuss is about trying to stop fracking, this 2 minutes 56 seconds tune and video should give you a great insight into why so many people are working 24/7 to halt this criminal industry, it might be the most worthwhile 2 minutes 56 seconds of your life so far

This tune is a perfect example of how the real Salford rolls, militant, yet peaceful, determined, factual, considered, intelligent and cool

Everybody everywhere rise up, arise like a lion


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