The best election result that a free North could wish for

I’ve taken this long to comment upon the election because I’ve just gotten up off the floor from that baseball bat in the nads of an exit poll. That exit poll moment felt akin to going downstairs on Christmas morning to find David Cameron in a Santa outfit taking a leak all over your presents.

Any devastation felt from a virtual annihilation of the “left” in Westminster was soon tempered by an election result that can only be described as a wet dream for anybody whose aspirations are for an autonomous North of England.

There will most likely never be another election that greater highlights the tricolour land that we live in with a blue Tory South, a red Labour North and a yellow “Nationalist” Scotland. The Scots are now virtually in open revolt following the perpetual grinding existence of living under an administrative flavour that they not only dislike but positively loath. Substitute Scotland with England above the Humber/Mersey line and the story is not that different. The North routinely votes left and gets saddled with right and all of the shocking North/South disparities in mortality rates, infrastructure spending etc apply just as much to the North as they do to Scotland, in fact the North of England has way more in common with Scotland that it’s ever had with the South.

There will also probably never be another election that greater highlights how thoroughly broken our electoral system is. It MUST be broken when I’m feeling sorry for millions of right wing swivel eyed UKIP loons who are now only represented by one single solitary steaming throwback. At least our system is fairly bollocks with over 1 million people who are actually concerned about the Planet that we live on being represented by a single solitary really nice Lady in Brighton. The fact of the matter is that our “democracy” has never been shown to be more unbalanced and more unrepresentative since the days of the “Rotten Boroughs” when an uninhabited hill in Wiltshire was represented by two MP’s, one of them a Donkey called Cyril.

So where do we go from here? To freedom is where we go, dragged by the short and curlies by the Scots.

My Grandfather used to tell me about the Scots when he was fighting the Afrika Corps in North Africa. He said that when he heard the bagpipes of the 51st Highland Division drifting across the desert it was nothing short of feeling that the Spartans had turned up and it used to lift the hearts of every man around him. Isn’t it just truly beautiful that those bagpipes are sounding again, but this time for peace, freedom and true democracy.

Many of my fellow Engerlanders seem to be horrendously tone deaf though buying into the corrupted main stream media’s fumbling and laughable interpretation of what exactly the SNP is. There’s only one group of people on this Planet who know exactly what the SNP is and that’s the Scots. The main stream media has an awful lot of trouble dealing with people who are politically aware. How on Earth can they ever cope with an entire nation of folk who have been on a two year intensive political awareness course. The simple answer is that they can’t. Every single msm interpretation of the SNP is met with howls of laughter and derision from the glens. The Scots are the establishment’s worst nightmare, switched on, savvy, super pissed off and with the scent of blood in their nostrils. They’ve even created a whole new kind of “Nationalism” which is confusing the establishment even more, it’s even lead to me put the word in inverted commas as I’m not entirely sure myself but it would appear that the Scots have finally cracked it as only the Scots could. They’ve perfected a “Civic Nationalism” of deep community pride with self effacement and pragmatism which is probably the most perfectly British version of “Nationalism” that says “I’m Scots and I’m dead proud of that but that doesn’t mean that I think that I’m superior to any other beggar”. The clean bill of health that this version of “Nationalism” has been given is reflected in diehard Socialists like Tommy Sheridan signing up to the SNP project and I swear that if Jimmy Reid was alive this past Friday morning he’d have cried his one World Socialist heart out in joy.

It’s not surprising that the msm are clueless about the Scottish Revolution but I ask for patience (which we generally get) from my Scottish brothers and sisters when it comes to my fellow English. When it comes to political awareness we’re now 2 years behind you. If we were more politically advanced here’s what would happen post the SNP 56.

Northern England secessionists would be thoroughly organised with a background of hundreds of grassroots meetings. Following the defeat of fracking in the North (had to fit that in) those Northern secessionists would now be organising a sit down with key SNP members. That meeting would probably be held in Berwick, a place that not only confirms our common geographical bonds but also reminds us of a much darker past when Tory/English shit stirring had us doing horrendous and unforgivable things to each other along the border and beyond that can never ever happen again. At that meeting the Scots and the folk of the North would be figuring out how we could go it alone together. How a free nation of Scotland could perhaps loosely federate with a free Northumbria to provide a beacon of social justice that would be an example to the entire World. How we could finally replace the industrial revolution with a social justice revolution and instead of us feeling slightly guilty for providing the ultimate Planet trashing Capitalist tools that folk slaved and died under, we could feel proud for establishing a system that truly is the “Mother of all democracies”.

Sadly we don’t currently have the Northern secessionist Statesmen and Women that we need but it’s vitally important to move quickly in reaching out to the Scots. My own personal preference would be the holding of a Northern Peoples Constitutional Congress over a period of a few months in a Northern City or perhaps a “road show” basis after all, since the Scots killed the Union this is something that the entire UK is going to have to do at some point anyway. The most important thing is that we don’t fall for the establishment’s attempts to stir up hatred between the Scottish and English which we’ve all just had a sickening taste of in the election run up. The good news is that the Scots see straight through such poison and now have a flourishing independent media scene to expose the msm lies and attempted stitch ups perfectly exampled by the #FrenchGate smear attempt on Nicola Sturgeon that was released in the morning, discredited in the afternoon and backtracked from by the very same evening. Once again though we just don’t have that kind of organisation and cohesion in England and it’s been sadly noticeable that many ill informed English have been buying into the Scottish hate and we must all do everything that we can to build closer ties with the Scottish people rather than fall foul of the establishments shoddy attempts at “divide and rule”. Sadly these people don’t seem to know their British history or are paying scant regard to just how dangerous that is and that’s why we must fight it with all of our worth.

If we can avoid the “divide and rule” what we’re left with is a remarkable opportunity for the North of England that completely transcends any despair felt from a horrendous election result for the left and social progressives. We have a chance to completely renegotiate our relationship with a thoroughly broken Westminster, reshape our failed democracy and therein lies the real revolution.

Author: Smokin’ Joe Brotherton

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#TakeUsWithYouScotland petition receives thousands of signatures…

…and this just in from a Manchester Evening News piece about the petition…


39 thoughts on “The best election result that a free North could wish for

  1. Here’s an argument I had with an accountant in a pub on my first night in the South (Wiltshire, in my case).

    Him: ‘So you’re from the Midlands, then’

    Me: ‘What? Let’s play a little game shall we? I’m going to give you the names of some towns and cities, and we’ll decide whether they are in the North or not’

    Him: ‘Alright’

    Me: ‘Liverpool, Birkenhead’

    Him: ‘Sure’

    Me: ‘Rotherham and Sheffield’

    Him: ‘Certainly’

    Me: ‘Salford, Widnes’

    Him: ‘Salford is where they shoot ‘Coronation Street’ !’

    Me: ‘Doncaster?’

    Him: ‘Isn’t that were they make ‘Open All Hours’?’

    Me: Right, Mr Know-it-all. Here’s a geography lesson for you. I can stand on Derbyshire soil and be NORTH of all those Northern cities and towns!

    (Stunned silence)

    Motto: Don’t throw the baby out with the (Southern) bathwater. I don’t care what the ETB says, I’m from North of the Trent, so I’m from the NORTH!!


      1. Also..try Stockport, Runcorn, Wath-upon-Dearne, Sale, Stretford, St Helens, Warrington, Eccles, Leigh…and Glossop. Try telling someone from Runcorn that they are not in the North and they’ll bite your head off! Oh, and Glossop’s a trick’s IN Derbyshire!

        By the way, if you throw away Derbyshire, you lose the most high-tech bit of engineering we have left – Rolls-Royce

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  2. I’ve been advocating this ever since the Edinburgh Agreement. Our general political leanings are much closer to Scotland than the South, and we share many elements of cultural heritage. The border was at the Ribble-Tees until the mid 12th century (barring random territorial incursions by Saxon/English kings which never stuck any length of time), so half the north used to be in Scotland anyway. This would just be returning our two countries to their natural states before Henry II got uppity and picked on a teenager.

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    1. I totally agree..our current make up has been around for the blink of an eye compared to previous territorial incarnations. Fundamentally though that 45% and climbing vote ended the Union (let alone Camerons EVEL idiocy the morning after indyref) as its morally reprehensible to force half a nation to remain in a relationship that they find abhorrent and unjust. I’m of the firm belief that we need a UKwide peoples constitutional congress to figure out where we all go from here on these islands but as I blogged, this opportunity to reshape our democracy is once in many life times.


  3. (message from Scotland)

    Can I just say this article brought a tear to my eye. After all the bile, all the resentment and all the racism finally the nail has been hit on the head. New nationalism is not blood and soil nationalism it is not based on ethnicity or superiority, in fact it abhors these things. This new nationalism is summed up by the thinking “We’re no better than anybody else but nobody is better than us” It is the acceptance that we are all human , that attachment to country is important- as it is our home- but is nothing more than an attachment of familiarity and sentimentality.

    This article gets that. Hopefully soon the rest of England will share this view.

    Once you imagine the country you could live in, its impossible to accept anything less.

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  4. Hey.

    As an English SNP Cllr I have to say:
    We stand with you. We’re ready when you are.
    As a founder of English Scots for YES, I would be more than happy to lend my shoulder to the grindstone helping as you say. Berwick sounds good!

    It needs to happen organically though. We did have a thought about standing candidates for the SNP in the north of England. But the decision was taken that it’s not our place. But I know my fellow SNP members would be more than happy to advise and lend support when you guys get it going.
    First you need to found a party. Then start some grassroots member groups across the north. Agree common policies and organize.

    Cllr Math Campbell-Sturgess

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    1. Perfectly put and thank you. In the face of such a torrent of msm hate stirring its vital that we make strong connections to side step such poison. You guys have become utterly switched on to the nonsense, us English, not so much but we’re getting there. We have common cause here in the North. We haven’t suffered quite as much as Scotland but the North/South disparities are still appalling and must come to an end. With the 45% (and perpetually growing) vote the Union is effectively over which gives ALL of us a multi generational opportunity to demand and create a better fairer society. You guys started what is in effect a revolution and its up to the rest of us to realise that and get onboard. Respect always

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      1. To be honest, I don’t think you need to create a party just yet. Grow the movement – like the indyref did in Scotland – from the grassroots up, from everyone of like mind, regardless of party affiliation (YESNorth has a ring to it!). Your party and your representatives will emerge from that. It won’t take long, you’ve got the momentum.

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      2. Good’s been a remarkable grassroots driven phenomena in Scotland hasn’t it. I’ve heard a ton of stories of inspirational gatherings and that stuff is truly infectious especially after a generation of disengagement and disenfranchisement.

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    2. tbh M this was precisely the kind of response I was looking for. We have initial seeds of secessionist parties (search our other post “…autonomous North…”) but as I stated in this post we have a lot of catching up to do. It would be absolutely brilliant to develop things further from your kind offer… …would be quite the do at Berwick wouldn’t it…Magna Carta anniversary as well..maybe time for a proper Magna Carta


  5. WOW!! This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I feared the people of England were lost to us up here by the propaganda being spewed out by the MSM. I’m clearly wrong. You do get it and you know exactly what we’re about up here!

    Cards on the table though, I’m a “civic nationalist”, my goal is to take the wee bit of rock I inhabit on this planet and make it the best I possibly can for all who wish to inhabit it with me regardless of colour, race, religion, sexuality or ethnicity. Independence will always be my goal, I’m Scottish and I’m damn proud of it. This doesn’t mean we can’t extend a hand of friendship and solidarity to those who share our goals though.

    As Ryan says above, once you imagine something better you cannot go back. It’s your mission now to use your energy to propagate that idea throughout England.

    It won’t be achieved by standing outside Downing Street shouting at Tories, the media are too adept and willing to use that against you. It will be achieved by spreading the message through town halls and village fetes the length& breadth of your lovely country. It will be achieved by circumventing the establishment media and creating your own. It all sounds like a tall order and it will take time but it can be done. We’ve done it up here and so can you!

    Get on it England. The Scots are waiting for you!

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    1. Cracking advice and thanks. I completely agree..the genie is out of the bottle now as you quite rightly say, millions of thoroughly engaged and active Scots aren’t going to stop desiring freedom, a better fairer society and suddenly start believing the’ve gone past a sort of awareness tipping point mostly aided by the painfully obvious msm crap thats been barraged upon you. In England we’re not so near that point BUT many of us have been battling fracking like fury for three years now (still unfracked 🙂 ) so we’ve got an immense British Isles wide activist network but we don’t have the exact same political agitation network that you guys have painstakingly built. But the beautiful thing is, we have our Scottish cousins showing us exactly how its done and with yet another Southern Tory win we have all the motivation that we need to finally correct an equally abhorrent North/South divide

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    1. My pleasure. Some of the negativity has been appalling hasn’t it and one of the driving reasons behind the post. It’s to be expected from the corrupt main stream media and every nation has its fair share of blithering idiots (some more than others lol) but I wanted our cousin Scots to see that that there are plenty of us that see the bigger picture as demonstrated by that #TakeUsWithScotland petition putting on 30000 signatures in 2/3 days

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  6. During the election campaign, I struggled with the thought of voting SNP as I didn’t want to leave the north of England at the mercy of the southern Tory vote. I considered that we have a shared political viewpoint, a social consensus if you like, that we value people and all the people, foremost and we as collective communities, value that as paramount. I believe that is the case all over the world, if only we can manage to democratise ourselves enough.

    I voted Labour. We got the Tories. Never again would I ever vote anything other than SNP.

    But that was in 1992.

    I’ve voted SNP ever since and I will continue to do so until we get Independence, although I will be giving the Green Party my vote on the list vote in May 2016.

    Have I lost my concern for the people of northern England? No, not at all. I feel for that lack of representation that they have politically and no amount of political ‘gimmikry’ that Cameron will chuck money-wise at Manchester will make up for the obvious democratic deficit that exists in the north. Creating a northern city state version of London is throwing money at a bereft ideology. It cannot and will not work.

    The Yes campaign provides so much to learn from and I think has, coupled by the 56 SNP MPs, changed politics in the UK now and altered us all onto a different steer.

    The Establishment is under assault and it will not stop. Slowly it’s started to emerge, and gradually it will continue, a slow motion revolution that most continental European countries enacted in a fleeting executional moment hundreds of years ago.

    But, in our slow peaceful manner, Scotland is leading the way right now – those aspirations that were at the heart of the Yes movement, those aspirations that will not dissipate when on the cusp of such a vision of creating what would be a beacon of a society, will take and embrace northern England and all like-minded folks with it.

    These are genuinely interesting times now and I can only see positive results coming, for aw that.

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    1. Great words Jonny and I really appreciate you gracing this blog post with them. I too struggle with the thought of the North seceding from our left leaning brothers and sisters in the South but, just like with Scotland, you have to accept that your part of the land is on a completely different political trajectory. Like Scotland as well we have to accept that the abhorrent disparities in North/South mortality rates etc will never be solved by the status quo. Its morally repugnant that a lad in Salford should have 10 years less with his Nan than a lad living in Westminster but its just as unconscionable that we as Northerners should accept its perpetuation. And you quite rightly call out the nonsense that the “Devo Manc” is and I’ll let you know that this sham “devolution” is being fought tooth and nail in Greater Manchester..which you obviously won’t be hearing about in the msm lol I’ve also got the exact same read on this revolution as you. It appears to be a typically British revolution..we take our time to get going but once we do get going there’s no stopping us 🙂

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  7. I got through to this splendid post via Lesley Riddoch on Twitter. Lesley wrote the book ‘Blossom’ reading which changed me from a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’. I would urge writers to get going on a similar motivational works even more relevant to Northern England
    ( not sure you have the same land issues? ) to inspire and light the flame and then spread the word in the North of England. Lots of us in Scotland have returned to reading there is so much good to read, as well as attending gatherings ( and those have to be fun to attend, including music/food/humour if you want all sorts to pitch up including young folks). Liking the idea of meeting in Berwick upon Tweed. I used to live there, it’s a lovely wee town and could do with a bit of love spent on it. An old friend now no longer with us would reply to the question “do you feel English or Scots” with “I’m a Berwicker” so don’t make too many assumptions! Best wishes in your cause.

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    1. Thank you Hazel for your kind words, the reading referral and your sage advice on Berwick. I had a dear Scottish friend of mine sneak into the Core Cities (an establishment devolution thing) meeting in Glasgow a few months back where a whole bunch of City leaders from England gathered at what they “branded” a #devosummit. My friend said to me that having been to months of SNP/grassroots meetings with the young, the old and colourful vibrant folk, it was like stepping into a land that time forgot of grey suits and lobbyists and that it reminded her of how far Scotland had come.

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  8. Beautiful piece bud.

    I have to admit your article made my eyes just a little watery.

    I loved the line “it was nothing short of feeling that the Spartans had turned up”.

    Hopefully our current movement can inspire the Left throughout WENI (Wales, England & Northern Ireland) in the exact same way. We have fired the starting gun and Yes we are 2 years ahead of you. So what? It actually doesn’t matter, all that means is we’ve learned some important lessons on what works and how to build a movement that grows from the streets upwards.

    That doesn’t mean it will also take you 2 years to get to the point we are at. The lessons have been learned already. Look at what worked up here and copy the elements you like.

    One very powerful medium was YouTube. It massively multiplied the reach of town hall meetings. If you do get together with like minded souls. Record it and put it online. People who don’t ( yet) read politically minded blogs will watch a YouTube vid on the subject if the speakers hit the right notes.

    Three people I recommend you check out and maybe even contact for advice on building the movement or at minimum watch YouTube vids of/read blogs written by are Robin McAlpine (The Common Weal), Jonathon Shafi and Cat Boyd (RIC – Radical Independence Campaign). For me personally at a grass root level both RIC and Common Weal were fundamental in reaching out to people that the official Yes campaign up here failed to reach.

    RIC managed to penetrate the “Lost” voter, the working class masses who had given up on politics, whilst simultaneously taking the entire movement further to the Left (including the SNP). The Common Weal though were fantastic at showing real life examples of actual policy (in simple to understand language) that we could implement on day 1 of Indy that would be for the betterment of AllOfUs. Although Scotland centric, I highly recommend you read their “Common Weal” book, as many of the ideas would be completely transferrable to policies in the North of England.

    Printed book £6 + del

    E-Book £1

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    1. Many thanks squidgybidge. I agree that it shouldn’t take us so long to catch up..we’ve already got a few years hardcore activism under our belts in keeping the frackers at bay but we now need to convert that into general political activism which will not be a problem. Thanks for all of those referrals. I’m aware of most of them as we’ve already got some excellent Scottish contacts from our combined battle against the frackers. One of the things that most impressed me about your incredible (and quick) bounce back from the no vote was how you counteracted the grossly corrupted main stream media by building your own indy media. This is exactly what we need to do South of the border..indeed it’s already happening

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  9. Warm greetings from the capital…… Edinburgh …..extending a warm hand of friendship to all but especial to those who want change. Excellent article and worth the wait. We have hope and we will win over fear. If you get a chance check out Gerry cinnamon hope over fear on YouTube. It’s transcends it’s original roots of Scottish independence and hopefully can be inspiration to anyone who wants to change WM….. Especially look out for the verse about us working for our brothers and sisters in England. Hope over fear…. Aye!

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    1. That Gerry C track is a belter isn’t it. I’ve been loving all of your social media stuff, the Jim Murphy chopped into old master paintings one and especially “Fracking, its fucking brilliant!!”…classic. Edinburgh, what a City 🙂 x #YoullHaveToExtendHolyrood


  10. I’d like to echo the thoughts of others on this post – it is balm to the scarred heart to read such a knowledgeable and thoughtful analysis of what’s happened in Scotland and the resulting waves that are sweeping across the rest of the British Isles. We’ve seen and heard such insults from Westminster politicians and the MSM, duly picked up and parroted by those too blind (as yet) to see what’s happening. Even down to undermining the brave Scots who fought so gallantly in previous wars – my grandfather and great-grandfather were among them. To read of the heartening effect of bagpipes on the winds of battle brought tears to my eyes, and your understanding of what we’re about is deep and sure. Thank you for such a brotherly and insightful essay. I’m sharing it everywhere!

    Yes, the alternative media have been significant in the battle to reach the parts the MSM can’t be bothered to go. Newspapers, blogs, podcasts, videos, FB & Twitter (of course) – planted as seeds they have grown and flourished. There’s even a project funded by those who can afford to so, to buy Sunday Heralds to be given out free to the more elderly in our communities so that they have the opportunity to read an alternative view to that peddled in the usual suspect newspapers. You probably know that the Sunday Herald was the ONLY newspaper in Scotland to come out in favour of independence, and they then brought out the National, from the same stable, as a daily newspaper. The daily version of the Herald, however continues to spit and kick at us!

    You’ll know of course from your Scottish friends that we were bereft when we lost the referendum. Grieving … but not broken. Westminster didn’t even dream that we would be on our feet again not one day later, helping one another up, planning, focusing, determined to march on. It was a skirmish we lost, not the battle.

    Huge changes are coming. There is a better way, both north and south. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the love Sooz and let me fire some straight back at you. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the Scottish response to this piece on Twitter etc In this day and age where trolls abound and folk can take contrary positions just for the hell of it I’ve not experienced a solitary drop of cynicism or negativity in ANY of the responses that I’ve had. I don’t take that as a reflection of some form of idea validation, I take it as a reflection of the degree of positivity thats now coursing through Scotland and further confirms to me that this is an unstoppable tsunami of freedom that the establishment had better get the hell out the way of. Thanks for the heads up regarding the Sunday Herald, I didn’t know that, although obviously I knew about The can get it at Westminster now I do believe hehe 🙂

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  11. What a great blog, always nice to read someone who gets it. I really feel for our like minded cousins in England and Wales, I truly hope your movements gain momentum too.

    Grassroots is definitely the best option, go to your “separatist” (gosh MSM makes it sound like a dirty), or Freedom parties. See if they would band under something like North Alliance. Once you have set policies and goals spread your word, engage and tap into the millions who didn’t vote, show them that they’re voice and opinions matter, that together they could create a brighter future for all out with the control of Westminster and the South. I used to think politics were boring, not for people like me and then the Independence Referendum snuck up on me about April last year and I researched checked facts and got involved. I know what I believe in and know how valuable my vote is and to vote for what I believe in.

    I truly hope England gets on board and you get what you most desire whether that is straight North independence, federalism with Scotland or to be the new southern Scots. I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our like minded cousins in whatever way we can and if all else fails we have plenty room up in the north north Britain 😉

    We are with you!

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    1. lol already planning to shift an eco biz to around Ayr if this nonsense carrys on down here haha I think that its turning though cuz, we had a huge Green surge, we’ve got absolutely TONS of highly organised kick ass groups such as anti frackers, bailiff blockers, bedroom tax fighters, eviction halters, just that we’re all disparate groups fighting our own little battles…nothing quite like a Tory win to galvanize folk though lol We’ve got burgeoning indymedia, ever growing social media networks and most importantly a BRILLIANT Peoples Assembly network that can crack the grassroots side of things. Just over a year ago during the height of the fracking brutality I wasn’t that optimistic but thats all changed now 🙂


  12. You’re right! Now available at the HoC for our Westminster Warriors! Rumour has it that the huge pile of Daily Records that is still delivered is left untouched. 😉

    Looking forward to reading more from you. All the best for now 🙂


  13. I find it ironic that the author suggests sitting down in Berwick. The good citizens of Berwick Upon Tweed elected a Tory MP at this years general election! The answer is not for the North of England to break away from the South and join Scotland. The answer is an Independent England with her own English Parliament. English Government and English First Minister elected by proportional representation seated in say York.
    The Tories got 42% of the English vote. Not enough to form a majority government in a properly elected English Parliament. That is the way forward. Not all the Tory vote was in the South. London voted Labour!

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    1. Berwick was purely geographical homie. Good points but how will that ever cure the North/South divide which at the end of the day is all that I really care about..oh yeah, and how will that stop vast swathes of Lancashire and Yorkshire being fracked which is essentially a Westminster project? At the end of the day ALL of this needs thrashing right out. We need an islands wide sit down and a big chinwag


    1. I doubt that will ever happen tbh plus the Scots (quite obviously and rightly) are way to busy focusing on freeing their own nation to get cluttered up with us slackers. My own personal preference would be a free/autonomous “North” of England loosely federated with Westminster and Holyrood and whatever institutions are of peoples choosing, Regardless of what I want the Scots are off and the whole thing needs rejigging I figure


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