Manchesters’ new SuperHero Referendum Man declares “DevoManc” a “bag o’shyte”

As the BBC turgidly and unquestioningly announced that Lord Smith and Tony Lloyd are now officially “in-line” for the new Greater Manchester Mayor job that has been dreamed up by the “DevoManc” crew of Gideon and chums, Manchesters’ new super-hero REFERENDUM MAN, a super-hero of mystery and powers beyond the capabilities of todays Neo-liberal identikit politicians has flown into town to declare DevoManc a “bag o’shyte”

Referendum Man, who is believed to have the catch-phrase “To A Referendum…And Beyond” branded Gideons’ so-called “Northern Powerhouse” the #NorthernShytehouse on a recent flying visit around the city

Shoppers could be heard saying “is it a bird ? is it a plane ? NO! it’s Referendum Man, purveyor of social justice for all of Mancs AND Lancs!”

Referendum Man, the all-seeing eye of the all new Manchester pro-democracy movement spies trouble at t’mill for “DevoManc” Crew and local betting firm BetPete are having 50-1 on this culminating in Lloyd and Smith getting in the ring for the rights to the “top job” and 100-1 on Referendum Man and Gideon having a cocaine-fuelled brawl in the streets of Knutsford,

Read all about it in the Salford Star

Author: Sir Richards Leash


MEN: “DevoManc” are the cracks already starting to show ?

MEN: Smith offers Lloyd out in the car park

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