The Lancashire Spring

The Northern Spring has begun and with a heat-wave predicted it looks like it could be a classic springtime for Lancashire – here are some of the big issues, talking points and things to look out for

With at least one general election coming up, Lancastrians are researching politics and who they might vote for, there are a lot of newcomers on the political scene, with the Northern Party, Green Party, Left Unity, TUSC, Reality Party, Pirate Party and Class War all providing alternatives to the “traditional” parties, and for those not interested in party politics, the Peoples Assembly, direct action and protest form platforms for political expression

Fracking is a big issue in Lancashire, and the much-hyped decisions on Cuadrillas’ applications are being made in April, let’s hope that common sense and the precautionary principle prevails

In sport, the Lancashire cricket season has begun, the Premier League has started to get interesting, and cycling becomes more and more popular, due in part to the success of the Tour de France in neighbouring Yorkshire in 2014

The stunning scenery of Lancashire in bloom is a sight to behold, the EcoTourism industry is growing all the time and expect a Spring of Wildlife in Lancashire

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