The North Regains Its’ Soul

Political commentators are declaring that the North has regained its’ soul with the formation of the Campaign For The North and the brand new political party, the Northern Party

Many Northerners, like the Scots, have arrived at the conclusion that the association between Westminster and the North is like a somewhat abusive relationship – Westminster has behaved like a bad partner, it has been a one way relationship with Westminster looking like a dodgy, money stealing, on the take, bad boyfriend that some might say needs its ass kicking to the kerb!

It is fair to say The North, in general, has suffered exploitation of our labour, and our Labour Party, but we have a spirit that says “don’t let the b*stards get you down”

The North has rich cultural and heritage foundations, our scientists, our entrepreneurs, our dockers, the Angel of the North, our football teams, sense of humour and famous actors

Our musical CV is rich, in the 1950’s and 1960’s The North rocked the music world with Merseybeat and The Beatles, then we followed that up with Northern Soul and disco

In the 1980’s/90’s a group of Salfordian and Mancunian musicians, dj’s and entrepreneurs turned Manchester into the place to be for ravers and giggers, and the Lancashire Raves in the old mills and dis-used warehouses of the Blackburn area became culturally iconic

At a time when people seem to be tired of the same old Conservative/Liberal/Labour parties – only 7 million people tuned into the leaders’ debates, even with the new and exciting female politicians Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Natalie Bennett (Green Party) and Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) – a fresh and new political party could rock the boat

The Northern Party is not about furthering the North/South divide it is about empowering the North so there is an even playing field

Northerners are the can do people, our character is resilient and resourceful, and now we have our own political party to represent our interests


Campaign For The North

Northern Party

The Citations – Keep The Faith

The Lancashire Hotpots – We Love The North

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