Wednesday 1st April 2015 is the FOUR year anniversary of the Cuadrilla fracking earthquakes in Lancashire!! To mark the occasion, Frack Free Lancashire are hosting “Blow Your Whistle Against Fracking” at Preston Flag Market from 10am, with speakers at the event including a representative from the New York anti-fracking community, who successfully won a fracking ban for New York state in December 2014

You might have thought that earthquakes and the constant drip drip of highly disturbing reports of the toxic fracking industry in the USA and Australia, and now Barton Moss (Salford) and West Newton (Yorkshire), might have put everyone off fracking in the UK, but there are still some people who think it is acceptable, and are actively cheerleading to start a toxic fracking industry here in Lancashire!

The ConDems and UKIP are all out for shale, and, despite some individual Labour Party politicians making anti-fracking noises, the Labour “top brass”, including Caroline Flint, are pro-fracking

At the forefront of the push for fracking in Lancashire are the dodgy sounding Cuadrilla and the delusional North West Energy Task Force, including Stay Blackpool, the organisation who are supposed to be promoting Fylde tourism but are, in fact, campaigning for The Fylde to be transformed into a toxic wasteland



A recent Independent article, replicated on Russia Today, exposes the lack of local support for the North West Energy Task Force, and names and shames some of the businesses that are involved in/supporting the fracking industry



Anti-fracking protests have been widespread, and have received political support from Greens, Left Unity, TUSC, Plaid & Reality

Denton in Texas, the site in the USA where fracking began has banned fracking, Maryland has banned fracking calling it “ultra hazardous”, even Scotland and Wales have, effectively, banned fracking!

In Lancashire we have campaigned long and hard against fracking and still have some way to go, so come along to Preston Flag Market on Wednesday 1st April, blow your whistle, let the frackers know what fools they are and give fracking the red card!


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