Trafford Residents Say No To Fracking

Residents of Trafford today expressed their concern at an apparent endorsement of fracking in Trafford from Stretford & Urmston Labour politician Kate Green

“Kate Green should be saying a firm NO to fracking and not having cosy meetings with INEOS” said Peter Hughes of Brooklands

The Labour Party continues to promote fracking, the worst example of this, so far, is at Barton Moss, on the north side of the Manchester Ship Canal, where contamination has occurred and local residents are still living in fear of any possible return of IGas, who have a terrible business reputation with the people of Salford

Although some Trafford residents played a key part in the Barton Moss anti-fracking protests, there are many people in the borough of Trafford who know nothing about the events of Barton Moss, due to a media blackout

In Trafford, the only political party to actively oppose fracking is the Green Party, who helped to organise the Barton Moss anti-fracking camp, the huge Solidarity Sunday Salford anti-fracking events, and the Manchester Climate Change Carnival 2014

With many Trafford Green Party members now veterans of the anti-fracking campaign, the Green Party are the only party in Trafford who can organise effective opposition to the toxic, fracking ponzi scheme!

Film: Trafford Green Party says NO to fracking

Film: Environmental Group Halts Frack Application in Trafford


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