The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision Of The North

The North is a veritable garden of eden, The River Mersey, the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland coast, Lake District, Fylde, North York Moors, the River Eden

The countryside of the North is beyond traditional left-wing/right-wing politics and Northerners have a deep, common sense appreciation of their environment

If managed and promoted with respect, a “Northern Greenhouse” can provide income and resources for many future generations

Recently, the Tory cabaret act “Dave n’ George” flounced into Manchester with little fanfare to announce a “Northern Powerhouse” to a non-plussed audience of suits – the concept of a new “Northern Powerhouse” is more dodgy than an HSBC Swiss bank account, and any reasonable critique should find it easy to dis-credit it as using the language and methodologies of a by-gone era ! We already have above EU law level pollution levels, so the last thing we need is more polluting industry, and the omnishambles of the recent Infrastructure Bill readings in the Houses of Parliament once again revealed how lost in a “corporate bubble” and out of touch Westminster is, times have changed – most of the world has moved on, but someone forgot to tell the ConDems !

Tourism for the North is worth around £20 billion per year and the pollution from a “Northern Powerhouse” (fracking rigs all over the place, radio-active material sloshing around, Underground Coal Gasification, stop, now!) would cause huge damage to the tourism industry, an industry that is reliant on the marketing of rolling hills and unique, unspoilt environments

Eco-Tourism is an industry on the rise, accounting for more and more of the tourism industry revenue as tourists look for wildlife and environmental learning experiences as part of holidays, and the North is placed in a superb position to experience positivity in this economic sector, if our land is managed with respect, wisdom and sustainable planning

The conservation movement has worked very hard for many years to turn the North into a patchwork of nature reserves that are experiencing high levels of visitors and at the same time we’re experiencing a renaissance in interest in farming and especially, community farming, people are becoming more connected to the land and to nature

So, rather than a “Northern Powerhouse”, a concept that seems to have never heard of climate change, shouldn’t we be embracing a much more viable alternative, one that takes into account the real challenges that we face for survival ? If we, and future generations are to survive, then we need to change our priorities, we have to get away from business for business sake, it’s got to be practical! Business and science, and the use of science, has to be sensible

At the heart of a “Northern Greenhouse” could be a full Eco-system services audit for the North (with a focalpoint on water, the elixir of life, including the gathering of rainwater and the conversion of salt water to freshwater), and reference to the Zero Carbon Britain Report

Manchester being the official European City of Science is a great opportunity for the North to embrace and promote green science and create ground-breaking scientific knowledge, in light of the launches of the One Million Climate Jobs campaign and Greater Manchester Community Renewables, that aim to bring renewables, sustainable growth, jobs and the democratisation of energy

The North needs to get its’ house in order now, especially with news of water shortages and fracking contamination issues hitting international headlines, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference approaching fast in December 2015 in Paris


3 thoughts on “The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision Of The North

  1. Sounds wonderful and completely Green Party policy surely? Puzzled as to why you needed to create another political party?


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