“DevoManc” NHS Protest 29th March


Sunday 29th March 2015 will see the people of Greater Manchester rallying to the defence of the NHS and demanding a say in their own region’s devolution deal. It is perhaps worth repeating that again, because at first it sounds quite unbelievable…demanding a say in their own region’s devolution deal!?!

We have already covered the lack of public consultation endemic within the “DevoManc” #dodgydeal and that would be enough to exercise the most politically moribund folk but now George Osborne and his troupe of performing local Councillors have gone and supremely pissed off legions of NHS protectors?!?

Dr David Wrigley as well as remarking on the mind melting lack of democracy involved within “DevoManc” said“Local patient groups, local GPs, local NHS staff, local MPs, national medical organisations and patient groups need to be all over this deal like a rash”…the breaking up of the NHS…in the birthplace of the NHS?!…you’d think so….

Herr Osborne seems to have just raised the border barrier of the NHS Sudetenland and marched his Panzer army of Labour apparatchiks straight into Czechoslovakia. This bizarre throwback move will be complete when we have our new fat little Oberbürgermeister installed who will no doubt be sporting jodhpurs and semi ironic lisp.

The people of Manchester are still coming to terms with the new realpolitik of how things are done these days, how pet projects are just dreamt up amongst yer mates and arbitrarily imposed upon 2.7 million people with no consultation. It’s lead to a renaissance of ideas within Greater Manchesters 10 boroughs such as Potty Pete of Levenshulme declaring the joint an independent Saxon fiefdom with tribute to be paid by all passengers on the 192 who shall journey forth through the boundaries. You are now no longer allowed to enter Bolton unless you are dressed as a Pirate, and according to a pronouncement by Lord Hosepipe Fran of Wigan the NHS won’t just be devolved to the region, each house will be allocated a Doctor with a crash team stationed in every corner shop. The Greater Manchester populace are currently spiralling off into new realms of “they’re makin’ it up as they go along’isms”.

So the folk of Greater Manchester are faced with two choices in this situation. To either shout yourself half crazy in your own car or to fight.

Manchester is the same city that recently hosted the largest protest in its illustrious and rebellious history in defence of the NHS so it was only ever going to be FIGHT!!!

Author: Smokin’ Joe Brotherton

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PETITION demanding that the people of Greater Manchester have a say on “DevoManc”


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