Greater Manchester Mayor Watch


Keep tuned here for all the latest reportage on the imminent arrival of the new Mayor of Greater unknown..species unknown

28th February 2015

BetShreds now quoting on Jen Psaki with Whitehouse move considered a smokescreen

3rd March 2015

This just in from the team at #MayorWatch

MP Lisa Nandy of Wigan..”But, as ministers told me when I asked questions about this in Parliament, the public will have a say – through the ballot box. Only, as it turns out, they won’t. Not until 2017 at the earliest, although the Mayor, who will be appointed in June, can serve until 2019 before an election must be called”

..and..a hint that Tony “the frack enforcer” Lloyd could be Mayor.

4th March 2015

The Artist Taxi Driver pretty much conclusively knocks himself out of the running for His High Chaparral Mayorness of Manchester by exclaiming the whole process a touch dodgy

6th March 2015

NASA probe scans Ceres for Mayor?

7th March 2015

Anybody in any way connected in any way whatsoever to iGas or anyone that’s even ever met someone from iGas gets knocked out of the Mayor race following the potential discovery of massive amounts of contamination at the Barton Moss fracking site …oh dear 😦

7th March 2015

In keeping with how deeply surreal this state of affairs is…Sir Richard Leese will now be taking to Twitter on Weds 11th March to Tweet at us about “DevoManc”?!? Yes, thats right! Got any questions about the most fundamental rearrangement of our region in over 50 years? Tweet one at the Boss. Are you one of the 2.7 million unconsulted people having this done to? Knock up a lolcats meme and Tweet it at the Boss…lulz. #Unbelievable

9th March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson has swung his way out of contention following a BBC pot noodle set too. Folk may have preferred a fighter at the helm, someone to beat ten bales out of Boris Johnson in Mayoral meetings, but Clarkson now has more baggage than a Samsonite factory and is heavily discounted for Manchesters top jolly.

11th March 2015

Naomi Klein suggests that becoming El Mayoraldo of Manchester is pointless as our current global idiocy will be turning the greater Mancunian basin into a huge inland sea…Macclesfield on Sea…you heard it here first…

13th March 2015

“Major Maduro Mayor Mare” …the whole worlds going Mayor deranged with massed ranks of Venezuelan chain swingers being rounded up and imprisoned including the Mayor of bleedin’ Caracus?!? Maduro having heard about the Greater Manchester Mayor imposition instantly shut the Venezuelan Mayoral system down not wanting to look too right wing

16th March 2015

Grant Schapps today blew himself out of the water for Lord Hair Bear of Manchester when it came out that he already had three other jobs, one as an MP, one as an internet 404 scammer and one being a complete and utter tosser.

17th March 2015

#47traitors hoo ha strikes Manchester Mayor menagerie as 47 Lancastrians have openly written to George Osborne and told him thats there’s no point in thrashin owt out with Sir Richard Leese and the 10 Democratic Dwarves as they’ll soon be on more gardening leave than a racial slur dropping Alan Titchmarsh. Other Lancastrians have taken to Twitter en masse demanding the heads of the #47traitors for even talking to Tories.

Click HERE to sign the GMRC petition demanding a #VoteOnDevoManc

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