Traffords’ EcoTourism Potential

Trafford, like every other area of Greater Manchester, has it’s own unique environment that should be recognised, celebrated and promoted and could be managed and enhanced for the purposes of EcoTourism – responsible travel to natural areas that respects the environment, provides education and also improves the standard of life of local people

How many people know that 50 bird species can be seen in a day just walking around the Altrincham area ? That Peregrines are being seen with frequency in the borough ? And that, in irruption years, the Scandinavian Waxwing can be seen in our parks and gardens ? Or that we have natural resources here that could become an integral part of the green economy ?

Trafford is a network of mossland, leafy suburbs, man-made lakes and pools, rivers, brooks, canals, stately manors & pasture with the wildlife corridors of the River Mersey, River Bollin, Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal running through, and has huge potential for EcoTourism, attracting local, national and international visitors to Trafford for a wildlife experience

The Carrington Moss area is a very rare habitat – lowland mossland – and is home to many rare farmland species such as Grey Partridge, Yellowhammer, Corn Bunting, Tree Sparrow, Skylark, Willow Tit and Lapwing

Believe it or not, in the 1950’s and 1960’s the pools at Altrincham Sewage Farm were considered as one of the best English birdwatching sites – this area still attracts good numbers of birds and has the potential to be a fine nature reserve

Dunham Massey hosts a herd of Fallow Deer and all three species of woodpecker (Lesser Spotted, Green and Great Spotted)

Sale Water Park & the Mersey Valley is very popular with local birdwatchers and has a long history of attracting rare birds such as Caspian Tern, Egrets and Temminck’s Stint

The Manchester Ship Canal is a wildlife corridor that runs along the northern boundary of Trafford, with a number of nature reserves/wildlife rich areas on the banks of “The Big Ditch” such as Davyhulme Millenium Nature Reserve, Jack Lane Nature Reserve in Flixton, Salford Docklands and the Partington area

The Kingfisher is, perhaps, the star bird of Trafford and is one that represents the Rivers Bollin and Mersey, Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal

The flora and fauna of Trafford does not appear to be actively promoted, yet we have a superb opportunity here to make Trafford into an EcoTourism destination and an integral part of the new, sustainable, green economy


The International EcoTourism Society (TIES)’s_ecotourism_potential.html

Salfords’ EcoTourism Potential


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