The People of Crumpsall Given A Voice

Today, as Crumpsall bathed in a radiant, spring-like, sun, the intrepid campaigners of Greater Manchester Referendum Campaign (GMRC) took to the streets to ask the opinion of the citizens of the Crumpsall manor as to how they feel regarding the imposition of a Mayor of Greater Manchester

Historically part of Lancashire, Crumpsall was a township within the parish of Manchester, Salford Hundred

Crumpsall is famous for mills, the formation of the Poor Law unions in 1837, The Crumpsall Palladium, North Manchester General Hospital and the Crumpsall Carnivale

There were initial thoughts amongst the team of how to put across a very complicated Metropolitan issue, pragmatic Northern intelligence suggested “How would you feel if you opened up a newspaper and Westminster politicians had formed a small group and decided that the UK would, from now on, be governed by a Presidential system, but only a few “political elite” politicians could apply for the job, and that, your new, provisional, un-elected President would be arriving any day soon, and that you might be allowed, if you’re lucky, the opportunity to vote for your new President in 2017?!”

The questions that were asked included

1. Have you heard of DevoManc ?

2. Do you know what it’s about and what it involves ?

3. Given it’s potential implications do you think it’s okay for the DevoManc deal to be imposed on GM residents without any form of public scrutiny or consultation beforehand ?

4. Do you agree with the call for a GM wide referendum on DevoManc, for example, on the same day as the General and local elections in May 2015 ?

5. Do you agree with an elected Mayor for Greater Manchester who will be responsible for running the GMCA along Greater Manchester’s 10 Council leaders ?

6. Do you agree with an unelected Mayor being imposed in the meantime ?

7. Do you agree with the principle of devolution to the regions ?

8. If Yes to 7, would you prefer a wider North West Regional devolution settlement rather than Greater Manchester one ?

The people of Crumpsall are engaging and warm, with locals talking to the crew in the street, and as luck might have it, the Rainbow Surprise Family Fun Day was happening today at Abraham Moss Leisure Centre and this presented a chance for the team to chat to a variety of local people

When told of what is happening, the crew were met with some astonishment – someone asked if the new Mayor was going to be parachuted from an aeroplane over the city centre for the big unveiling party ? Someone else asked if the Mayor was going to be launched out of a big canon ?

Results are being compiled now and should be available very soon, to find out what our survey said follow on Twitter @ MancunianSpring

Following this public consultation, arrangements are being made to host a community event to give local people more of a voice


One thought on “The People of Crumpsall Given A Voice

  1. Salford Hundreds was a religious creation and often leads to confusion by some who believe Manchester was part of Salford.

    Crumpsall Palladium is entirely fictional. It was created by Henry Normal, a comedy writer and self proclaimed “Bard of Crumpsall”. It was created for a Granada TV series. It never existed in real life.

    North Manchester General Hospital is still known locally as Crumpsall Hospital. It is one of three hospitals that stood next to each other. The others were Delaunays Hospital (Now demolished) and Springfield psychiatric hospital.

    As for the mills. Crumpsall was not a milltown – it had a few factories but not many mills. Neighbour Cheetham Hill had more mills.


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