Fantastic news..they’re going to frack us?!

Within the space of a week people in the North West have found out that they’re going to be saddled with a Mayor that they voted against and that they now face the possibility that somebody could pitch up with a fracking rig at the bottom of their garden, frack under their house without so much as a “by your leave” and turn their otherwise idyllic neighbourhood into a toxic fume belching lorry filled industrial zone. You could say that’s not a brilliant week for North West democracy but when you also consider how routinely banned fracking is around the World due to its dangers to human health perhaps you have to get past questions of democratic process and ask the question..are our elected leaders really trying to harm us?!?

The scientific approach to assessing the safety of fracking is obvious and we’ve just had a perfect example of that with New York. Over a two year period you order your State Department of Health to conduct the most extensive investigation into fracking ever conducted. You find out the obvious that the practice is highly harmful to human health and you ban the dodgy nonsense. Then there’s the pragmatic Celtic approach taken by EVERY NATION SURROUNDING US where sensible pragmatic Celts have decided to progress no further with the abhorrent fracking process until, like the Jimmy Saville of the fossil fuel industry, all of its dirty little secrets come out in the veritable tsunami of peer reviewed bad news that will soon be gushing out of the States like a blown well head.

Competence is not something that we expect from our politicians. Hypocrisy, expenses fiddling and endless pointless wars yes but not competence. If they were in anyway competent they’d have had Lancashire fracked in the mid noughties and they’d be bowling around in Stetsons by now and we would never have had the “canary in the mine” that the poor suffering fracked communities of America have been..sometimes, like the botched Syria war vote, you have to be thankful that our politicians are so pants.

Incompetence we can deal with but this is a whole new level. A level where the precautionary principle is not only being ignored, its driven out to somewhere dark and shot in the head.

Its not even as if its just a matter of the likely outcomes of suddenly moving families into industrial parks…the future harm is obvious but its in the “log book” of the fracking industry that the horrors lay. Would there ever be even the most remote possibility of an American automobile manufacturing company selling cars into the UK market if those cars had any hint of a problem that could in anyway be detrimental to the health of their owners let alone banned in certain States? Yet our politicians will happily place fracking rigs next to our schools when the original pink slip owners of the industry in Denton Texas fought tooth and nail to have it banished from their community and anywhere near their loved ones.

Of course all of this is absolutely splendid news. There’s never been a better example of how thoroughly broken our “democracy” is than distant and corrupt Westminster elites railroading through legislation to enforce a highly dangerous process that only a tiny percentage of the British people would countenance and many throughout these isles are battling to have banned. Short of the Germans wanting to march Panzer armies down Whitehall you’d be hard pressed to come up with a bigger example of a recent entity attempting to harm the British people and land so if this doesn’t drive us all right down enough is enough boulevard you have to wonder what will.

Somewhat fortunately and just in the nick of time we’re saved..and by the break up of the United Kingdom no less.

Many English folk will be surprised by this conclusion but as a Scottish friend said, “you English don’t seem to be getting the hint that the relationship is over..what are you doing still lurking about in the front yard and following us down the shops?” We also concluded that it would be morally repugnant to force a few million neighbours to continue a relationship that they considered as utterly broken with the various parties poles apart on so many issues. The Scots don’t want endless wars, an ever creeping police state, fracking and nuclear bombs parked just outside of their cities and sooner or later the Scots are taking the high road, even if its just on the basis of demographics and rapidly dying older Unionists. The Scottish referendum vote shouldn’t be viewed as a simple “NO” but rather a not yet.

You don’t have to take my word for it just have to look around you and take special note of those most threatened by the break up of the Union..the political “elites”. And you don’t have to be a political Bergerac to have picked up on the controlled demolition of the Union that the establishment is trying to pull off..devo manc being the prime example. The political elites know full well that UK wide devolution is an unstoppable snowball rolled down a mountain by our Scottish brothers and sisters and the only thing that they can do is to try and cobble together an establishment life raft post haste, hence the steamrolling through of a Mayor for Greater Manchester and not allowing a vote on the matter even though we’ll have polling booths coming out of our ears in 3 months?!?

So here’s the cure to all poisons. A people led devolution. Quite clearly devolution is on the table and its up to us to say that we’re not that impressed with having something that we already voted against imposed upon us and demand a peoples constitutional assembly where we as a people thrash out exactly how we wish to run our democracy for the 21st century. In all likelihood this is soon going to have to happen on a national level anyway but with devo manc on the table folk in the North West have a chance to shape the debate, indeed we have an obligation to do so as the Mayor imposition is being tested in Greater Manchester with a view to it being rolled out nationally. This is where the true “revolution” is. In a people led devolution there’ll be a reboot of our failed political system, social justice, resistance to neo liberal pillage and control over our regions energy and resources policy which will mean…NO FRACKING

Author: Smokin’ Joe Brotherton

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