Setting The Scene

Welcome to the Mancunian Spring, a site to bring you up to date information about the evolution of the Greater Manchester area, at a very interesting and vibrant time for politics, the environment, science and entertainment

With a history steeped in the Brigantes, the ancient kingdom of Northumbria, the Romans, and once the engine room of the country in the 20th century, with goods being transported via the Manchester Ship Canal through Salford Docks, the Greater Manchester area is famous for it’s pioneers, open minds and cultural awakenings

It is a place where music culture evolves – Northern Soul, blues, the swinging sixties, rock n roll, punk, disco, reggae, electro, hip-hop, acid house, house music, Madchester, dancehall, bhangra, Moss Side Carnivals and the summer festivals

Greater Manchester has a stunning environment, from urban jungles to mosslands to country parks to wild moorlands – the Salford Docklands, Salford and Wigan Mosses, the northern and eastern hills, Dovestone Reservoir, the Greenheart Wigan Flashes, Pennington Flash, the parks of Manchester, suburbs of Trafford, Carrington Moss,  the Bridgewater Canal, the Rivers Irwell, Irk, Medlock, Tame and Mersey Valley, including Sale Water Park and Chorlton Water Park, the Rochdale, Bolton and Oldham reservoirs, Etherow Country Park, Dunham Massey

The political landscape is very interesting, with Scotlands political evolution proving to be a big influence, with growing calls for proper devolution and a Northern Republic, accompanying the rise of the Green Party, the Reality Party, Left Unity, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, the Communist Revolutionary Party and the Pirate Party who are all offering alternatives to the staid, out-dated and dysfunctional Labour Party, and the other cruel Westminster parties of austerity

People living in this area are, for sure, Northerners and many are happy with being Lancastrians, despite the politicians fiddling around with metropolitan boundaries

Manchester has a reputation as a very progressive city and looks forward to hosting the European City of Science in 2016


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